The design and engineering laboratory of Channel Products, we accelerate product development by providing fresh perspective, relevant experience, and an infusion of resources.

Product Development

Our Approach

1. Ask

2. Imagine

3. Plan

4. Create

5. Improve

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The Internet of Things

We connect products to virtual clouds to help customers achieve the promise of the Internet of Things.

App Integration

We connect our customers' products to mobile technologies and help them create a better user experience.

Reverse Engineering

We seek answers to the question, "How?" Then we differentiate and strengthen products with what we've uncovered.

Technology Exploration

We explore, evaluate, and prove how technology can be used to enhance consumer engagement and satisfaction.

Early-Stage Prototypes

We develop proof-of-concept prototypes to evaluate new ideas and to convey the potential of products and applications.

Improving Components

We enhance our products to reduce costs, enhance reliability, or capture new market share through innovation.

Design & Engineering Leadership

Experience & Expertise

James brings more than two decades of design, engineering, and manufacturing leadership to every engagement. He believes it's less important to venture where a path may lead, and instead go where there is no path and leave a trail.

James Becker
Chief Technology & Innovation Officer

Russ has pushed the boundaries of embedded systems design and development for more than 3 decades. Responsible for over 30 patents in his career, he excels at reducing ideas and concepts to practice to maximize product effectiveness.

Senior Electrical Engineer

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